South Jersey Tree Services – The Dirty Little Secret Tree Service Companies don’t Want You to Know!

All tree services share dirty little secrets. The secrets I am about to reveal to you will save you time and money, and give you the inside edge when dealing with any tree service company. It will also maximize the health benefits your trees get from your freshly pruned trees.
I have decided to share this with you for two reasons. First, I feel that because you are my neighbor, and a neighbor to a lot of my great clients, you are my friend and I owe it to you to look out for you. Second, even though I am a tree care company owner myself, I figured out a way to make this benefit both of us.

Okay, here it is: Secret #1

January is one of the slowest months of the year for most South Jersey tree care services.

“Big deal,” you say.

Bear with me. It gets a lot better..

In fact, it can get so slow in January they wish they could hibernate. Unfortunately, they still have to pay for food, their shop, truck payments and most other overhead. On top of that, they worry about losing their best employees as they wander off looking for greener pastures.
At this time of the year,most tree care firms are vulnerable, and will do most anything for work. So because of that,tree care prices will be at their lowest, to attract work. Even if they give their service away at break even prices, at least they keep their workers and arborist busy to cover overhead. This means big savings for you if you know how to capitalize on this opportunity .

Hint: Even though top quality tree care firms like ourselves dislike discounting, (because we are afraid it could affect our Superior service and quality), we are occasionally forced to be “CREATIVE” this time of year.

Dirty Little Secret #2
You’ll save a bundle of money!

Here’s How, Even though Spring/Summer pruning is not a bad time to prune, what happens when you prune in the growing seasons? You Got It! Sucker growth (fuzz if you’ll have it) up and down the trunk – quick growth in the lower part of the trees – limbs grow (with foliage) faster – towards the target you had them pruned from, (roofs, pools, etc.) This is a trees normal reaction to being pruned. Then you get that sinking feeling in your stomach, 30-90 days after you ‘sold your children’ to pay for that beautiful pruning job. They tend to look “un-pruned” – “unkempt” and just a little messy.

Dirty LittleSecret #2a : Winter Pruning Avoids Most All of That!

Reaction of the tree to pruning is drastically different when pruned in the winter! Your trees look beautiful and healthier much, much longer!You save money like crazy.

Dirty Little Secret #3
You Save Even More Money!

Hint # 1: No leaves – means less pruning – less mess – less to clean up –so job is done faster. You Save Money. You Like That? Let’s do it again.

Hint #2: No leaves – easier and faster to see what needs pruned. Result? Trees pruned faster – again, You Save Big Bucks .

And yes, we can see the deadwood – if not,Don’t Worry . You get our Iron Clad Warranty

Dirty Little Secret #4

This secret the trees want us to tell you. Much Less Stress On the Trees . Instead of energy spurts of leaf or limb growth, the trees energy is focused on healing (compartmentalizing) or covering the pruning wounds and adding strength to the overall Health of the tree will definitely be healthier and live much longer in your yard.
So, if you were going to have your trees pruned in the next year or so anyway, why not get some FREE CASH in the process to help with those Holiday Bills!
While tree workers sit around getting arthritis in December and January, we also know that we will be so busy this year, starting in March, that we won’t be able to serve everyone that needs to call us.
This means in the spring it’s difficult to get the appointment date you want. And we are scheduled so tightly, if anyone’s job takes longer than we expect, we get behind and end up being late. So,pruning in the winter gets you faster service and more flexible appointment times.

So Now that You know the secrets to Saving Money on Tree Trimming here is my offer to you.

As you now know, because it’s slow in the winter, that’s when the greatest savings are. In fact, from now on, I guarantee that I will never offer a lower priced special each year than I give in our winter months.
So here’s how to take advantage of pruning and tree care in winter time; and receive FREE MOO-LAH $$$. I Need 100 New Clients To Move Their Tree Pruning From Spring to Winter For Big Savings…
This letter is going out to several great prospects in my service area, and I can only afford to do so many at these special rates. That means only 100 of you can take advantage of these savings. Frankly, I am a little nervous. We could get stampeded with telephone calls. If you get a voice mail or put on hold, I apologize in advance, please be patient. Remember, the sooner you call the better.
I know you want to help, so I have prepared a list of great offers that I’ll bet you can’t resist. Here’s Your Best Offers For The Entire Year , For The First 100 Volunteers Only (if you snooze, YOU LOSE!)
Best Offer #1: Three, $20 TreeBuck coupons ($60 total) to use however you would like. Use them yourself or give to friends, neighbors or relatives. Pay your tree pruning bill with them, doesn’t matter, whatever you would like to do.
Best Offer #2: Since we pride ourselves with being “right on target” for our clients, I am going to give you a 10 Dollar Gift Certificate to “Target” department store for every hundred dollars you invest in your trees, OR – if the New Year brings a list of “at home projects” you may choose a 10 Dollar Gift Certificate from Home Depot, for every $100 invested. Your choice.
Best Offer #3: You get our DOUBLE “Risk Free” GUARANTEE. Guarantee #1 – “The Most Thorough Tree Care Ever. . . or It’s FREE.” If you are not totally happy, I mean “thrilled” with everything we do for you, let us know and we will gladly redo it. If you’re still not “thrilled”, you don’t owe us one red cent! Guarantee #2 – If you are not thrilled with our work, I will give you $250 to help towards the cost of hiring another tree service of your choice. I mean business! It’s yours – just for the asking.
And that ain’t all . . . If you let us take a shot at getting your business, and even if you won’t let us do it, – for whatever reason – I will give you $50 Dollars—“Cold Hard Cash”—for your trouble! BEAT THAT!!!
Best Offer #4: 10 Small Monthly Payments – No Interest (credit card payments only).